Mayfair Office

Think Local Act National - A West End Estate Agent Just Where You Need One - Locally.

Much is written in the press about how globalisation is increasingly affecting industry in the UK. This may be so, but the residential property industry is rather a special exception. There's no doubt about the importance of national and even international marketing for certain properties, especially country houses. But there still remains one fundamental ingredient of every successful house sale - local expertise.

There is no substitute for knowing local property values, knowing active purchasers and being involved in the local property market on a day to day basis. But whilst the majority of houses undoubtedly sell to local people there are a significant number of buyers who are attracted from further afield to active marketing to a wider audience.

This is where our Mayfair Office comes in. Mayfair Office handles much of Samuel Wood's national advertising and PR. As well as being a London showcase for our property, our staff in Mayfair excel in obtaining editorial in the national press such as The Times, The Telegraph, Country Life, etc. Their contacts in the national media have been very well developed over the past twenty years and, as a result, we have far more editorial comment and property features in the national press than any other firm marketing property in the area.

Through our marketing office in Mayfair we are also able to offer our clients significant advertising discounts in the national media such as Country Life, The Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Horse & Hound, etc. When it comes to selling your property there is no doubt that given the choice of instructing a national firm acting locally or a local firm acting nationally it is the latter that consistently achieves the best results.

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