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Home staging secrets

5 home staging secrets to give your  home a touch of glamour Our local towns have a wealth of architectural styles, it’s one of the things that attracts buyers to view your home.   This, together with... Read More

First Week Reopen a Success

Samuel Wood report first week ‘reopen’ a success. We have been officially 'reopen' for a week following the UK lockdown and pleased to report a successful first week with a good number of exchanges and... Read More

Getting in Gear

Seven weeks into lockdown Samuel Wood looks at how coronavirus has affected life in the property market. Throughout the lockdown, our team have been working remotely. At first we thought there would be little to do. How wrong we were.... Read More

Therapeutic changes to make in your garden

At this time of uncertainty, we could all do with something to lift our lockdown spirits, and with a few design changes your garden could provide the perfect release.  It’s well documented how therapeutic gardens can help people with... Read More

Virtual experiences to enjoy with your kids

If, like us, you have suddenly added ‘teacher’ to your job title, you could be having good days and those that you don’t want to mention.  We all know that this time is hard for everyone in Shropshire, including our children... Read More

The Value of Home

Director Russell Griffin looks ahead to a time when we can all move freely from our homes. In houses and apartments all over the country those in lockdown are thinking about life after release. Even now, at the height of the pandemic,... Read More

Screen Appeal

Andrew Cadwallader of Samuel Wood explains a vital step a seller can make now to help achieve a successful property sale once the coronavirus danger has passed.   The daffodils have bloomed and the bluebells are about to, and it... Read More

Create your own playground

How your Shropshire garden can become a playground The clocks have gone forward, and British Summer Time is officially here – now all we need is the weather. As we embark on another week on lockdown, many of us... Read More


Is it time we became more self sufficient? How things have changed in the last few days. With strict instructions to stay at home, we’re all trying to do everything we can to prevent the spread of this dreaded virus.... Read More

Why you need to understand The Chain

When you’re buying or selling a property in Shropshire you may not have put any thought into the importance of ‘the chain’. You may even believe that, just like Fleetwood Mac, you would “never break the chain”. But... Read More