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The Sightseeing Tips You Need When Searching For A Home In Shropshire

The sightseeing tips you need when searching for a home in Shropshire When planning a big trip to an as yet unfamiliar destination it’s normal to do a great amount of research to get your bearings and also to make... Read More

The Correct Course

What most people do when they see the inches piling on is to diet. Losing a bit of weight is a healthy thing to do. The property market acts in much the same way. After a period of excess, when things get a bit overblown, the market has a habit of... Read More

Autumn Leaves us Guessing

Russell Griffin of Samuel Wood assesses the property market as we ease towards autumn. Before we know where we are it will be autumn - ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, as John Keats put it. But for... Read More

How Nature Can Attract More Buyers to Your Home

How nature can attract more buyers to your home A home is more than a structure, it’s also a feeling. No matter what kind of day you’ve experienced, your house is your own personal sanctuary away from the chaos... Read More

Let's Deal

Andrew Cadwallader of Samuel Wood looks at the two basic questions really worth asking when it comes to selling your home. Estate agents or online-only wannabes offer cut-price commission rates to tempt sellers, and the press bombards the... Read More

The Art of Negotiation

Russell Griffin, Director of Samuel Wood highlights two important principles in property negotiation. Some people are good at negotiating. Some people, it turns out, aren't. Some people hold all the cards and know it. Some... Read More

Essential Advice For Selling a Home With Pets

Essential advice for selling a home with pets They’re an important member of your family, giving you all so much joy. You can’t imagine your home without them. Pets are such a huge part of what makes your house your home, and... Read More

Three reasons you’re turning into a housezilla

Forget bridezillas, when buying a home you can, without knowing, turn into a buyer from hell. It’s often said that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do, so it’s understandable that your emotions might be... Read More

Is your garden devaluing your home?

There are many things that you might have thought could be devaluing your property – outdated décor, damp, subsidence, and the removal of period features. Yet one thing you may possibly not have considered is the plants in your garden... Read More

Is your home ready to spring onto the market?

Daffodils are in bloom, the leaves are starting to bud on the trees, and that random hot weather spell has made us believe spring is already upon us. If you’re thinking of selling your home, is it ready for sale? How do you ensure that it... Read More