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A collection of Samuel Wood's most recent news and events

To Brexit and Beyond

  Russell of Samuel Wood ponders the property market in Brexit year, 2019, and explains some home truths amongst many unknowns. There was a time before 1973, the year of the UK’s first big property boom, when houses... Read More

A Friend in the Business

Russell of Samuel Wood takes a look ahead at the 2018 autumn/winter property market in the final months of the pre-Brexit period. Those of us who have been connected to the property market for many years will have seen a number of ups and... Read More

Swings in Roundabouts

  Swings and Roundabouts Andrew Cadwallader of Samuel Wood looks at some of the many positives in the autumn property market. As we look forward to the autumn season in the 2018 property market the naysayers may... Read More

The Art of Negotiation

There is a time in the course of a negotiation when the wheels sometimes come close to falling off. We can see this with Donald Trump pulling out of the Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un. And we can see it with Brexit when the House of Lords... Read More

Bottoms Up

Andrew Cadwallader of Samuel Wood & Co takes a look at what and who is driving the property market this spring. In property there are top-down people and bottom-up people. The top-down people seem to believe that wealthy overseas buyers... Read More

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Russell Griffin of Samuel Wood & Co looks at how important making the right choice of agent is when planning your next property move. Markets are forever in flux. That is their nature. So our... Read More

Reading Between The Lines

Andrew from Samuel Wood looks at press reporting on the current property market and finds that there is more going on than the papers would have us believe. The press always have lots to say about the... Read More

The Art of Negotiation

Russell Griffin of Samuel Wood explains the all-important third phase in a property negotiation. Most, if not all, property negotiations run on similar lines. The first phase is the easy and fun bit. Both sides get to shout at... Read More

The Dating Game

Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood & Co considers some similarities between Love and Property when searching online. Going back into the singles market after a period of life spent in a relationship can be difficult, troublesome... Read More

Deal Me In

Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood & Co looks at one of the fundamentally important issues in selling or buying a property – the deal. There is currently an awful lot in the news about negotiating. In Europe the Brexit negotiators are... Read More