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A collection of Samuel Wood's most recent news and events

Vote For Housing

Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood & Co. looks ahead at the 2017 general election and an all too often ignored – but vitally important - area of government policy. No doubt Brexit, the economy and the NHS will dominate... Read More


Anthony Wood from Samuel Wood and Company takes a fresh look at the property market this spring. Spring has arrived and the migratory instincts of home movers are at their annual peak. Some home migrants will only be moving a short... Read More

Shropshire Estate Agent joins National Board

The National Association of Estate Agents has appointed a well-known Shropshire man as Regional Executive for the Midlands, covering Shropshire and all its neighbouring counties. Russell Griffin, aged 47,... Read More


Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood and Company considers opposing forces that are affecting the property market this spring. The post-Brexit property market is turning into a paradox. With low interest rates, declining numbers of unemployed... Read More


Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood and Company offers some timely estate agent matchmaking advice as we head towards Valentine’s Day. Hard as it might be to believe good estate agents can be perfect sweethearts.  It is always best to... Read More

Hat Trick for Samuel Wood & Company

Hat Trick for Samuel Wood & Company … It’s a ‘Hat Trick’ of awards for a leading Shropshire estate agent after winning a... Read More

Ask Hillary

Anthony Wood from Samuel Wood & Co looks at some fast changing attitudes in the property market. The presidential election result in America reminded us – if we needed any reminding - that we live in a time of massive immediate... Read More

The Art of The Deal

Anthony Wood from  Samuel Wood & Company offers some good advice about selling your home in this or any market.In 1987 a book called The Art of the Deal was published. Part-credited to one Donald J Trump it is... Read More

Eagle Eyed

Eagle-eyed property market watchers may have noticed a change. Certainly those in London will have seen a marked difference from a year ago. The market has done an about turn in favour of buyers. Fewer buyers and more properties available have... Read More

Lucky You

Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood & Co finds lessons to be learnt from Olympic preparation. The fabulous Rio Olympics remind us that dedication, natural talent, great coaching, relentless training, self-belief and a total focus on winning are... Read More