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Do I need a for sale board in Shropshire?

You have decided to sell your home, and the sight of one those ghastly ‘For Sale’ boards littering your home fills you with dread.  On your way home last night you could see streets with these boards boldly on display and you found yourself asking, what is the point?  You are a savvy one and you’ve done your research and you know that 95% of property searches start online, so why on earth do you need a For Sale board in Shropshire?


At Samuel Wood, over the years we have heard many excuses as to why people don’t want a For Sale board, here are just a few:

·         What if our property doesn’t sell and it’s on the market for a while, that would be kind of embarrassing?

·         No one comes down this lane so it’s not as if you are going to capture a wealth of people passing.

·         The last thing I need is people knocking on my door day and night wanting to have a look around.

We completely understand that people have their concerns, and we will respect your decision either way, but we believe that a For Sale board is 100% essential, and here’s why.  Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, and we often find the best buyers are those who know the area, have been looking for a home like yours, have seen the sign and excitedly called faster than their fingers can hit the keys on their mobile. 

Marketing army

In communities big and small, let’s face it, people talk, and we have an abundance of wonderful communities in Shropshire.  Lockdown has made many of these communities tighter and, as such, people are interested (in a positive way) in their neighbours.  Our neighbours have been such a support over lockdown, with chats over the fence, offers or support or help, and just knowing they are there has been a source of comfort.  Therefore, knowing that you are about to say goodbye will leave them with mixed feelings, but you know they will be happy for you deep down.

Yet knowing you’re leaving will also be a conversation starter amongst their friends and family, and then a chain reaction may begin.  Just one quick chat could lead to a viewing and a sale.  You have no idea who your neighbours are connected to and who in their circle could also be looking to move home.  So yes, they may be your neighbours but they will also be a marketing army spreading the word far and wide.

Front door bingo

Not all potential buyers will know your street, and many will be dying to see where their possible new home is by having a little drive out for a nosey.  This can be made all the more difficult if there is no For Sale board – just how are they meant to know which house is for sale?  Yes, they could go back online and bring up the photos and drive up and down the street until they finally win at front door bingo, but why make it so hard?

Do you want to move?

If you are serious about wanting to move home, you will be wanting to use every tool in the box to attract the best buyers to receive that incredible offer you’re just waiting to accept.  Without a For Sale board it can start to make buyers question, why?  Are they actually wanting to move? Will they be wasting my time down the line? 

The dreamers

We know there is a street where you aspire to live, it may be an elusive dream but you always pick out the same house as your future home every time you pass by.  Or you may have had a conscious plan that you will work your way up the property market until you are in a position to make that one your own.  You don’t spend your days on the internet looking at the property sites, because you know where you want to move to, and all you need is for a For Sale sign to pop up and you will quickly change it to a Sold sign.  These dreamers are around, and without our little sign outside your home you may miss these ideal buyers, who are 110% committed to buying your property.

If you were having doubts about having a Samuel Wood For Sale board outside your home in Shropshire we hope that now you see what a crucial part of our marketing strategy it is.  We don’t want to miss a buyer, and we don’t want your property left on the shelf; we list properties for one reason only, and that is to get them SOLD.

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