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Excite Shropshire buyers with these 10 finishing touches 


With the recent announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak of the raise in the Stamp Duty threshold until 31 March 2021, we have seen a spark of new interest from potential buyers in Shropshire. We have talked in the past about ensuring that you stage your home when you place your property on the market, to attract buyers and also to help achieve the highest possible price.  When you have a viewing coming up, we would suggest you add some finishing touches as buyers find it easier to fall in love with a well-staged home. This is why our team at Samuel Wood have put together this guidance on how to excite buyers with these 10 finishing touches.

1.            A touch of zest

Don’t assume that finishing touches will be a costly addition to your home-staging kit – when you next go shopping, pop a bag of lemons in your trolley.  Simply adding a glass vase or bowl of lemons and limes has the incredible effect of making your kitchen feel clean and fresh; this stylish addition also adds a touch of colour.  Remember to keep your kitchen worksurfaces as clear as possible so that this finishing touch stands out.

2.            A touch of the natural

Often it’s the small statements that can make the biggest difference, such as a vase of flowers, preferably seasonal.  Flowers will add their gorgeous natural aroma and enhance the room with their colour and personality.  Place in key rooms within your home, their warmth and overall sense of home will spark a smile in buyers.

3.            A touch of scenes

Interior designers are experts at setting the scene in a room, which you will have seen should you have visited a show home or even flicked through a homes magazine.  You too can use this finishing touch to create little scenes around your home for buyers to connect with.  For example, you may set your dining table with a couple of place settings; position a throw, tray, cafetiere and cup with a book on the bed in the master bedroom; leave some home-cooked goodies on a stand in the kitchen.  Each little scene will encourage buyers to start imagining life within your home, a key step to an offer being made.

4.            A touch of intrigue 

The lockdown and our reliance on Zoom has seen us gaining an insight into people’s homes, and, as such, we have been having a nosey at what’s been on people’s shelves and bookcases.  Instead of having them overflowing with things, mix up objects and space them out – from books, accessories, photographs and even plants, when styled right your bookcase can really transform a room.  Think about grouping matching or similar accessories into groups of three and stacking larger books flat.

5.            A touch of glamour Just like your bookshelves, coffee tables, once styled, can add personality to a room.  Don’t leave your coffee table empty, but it shouldn’t be overflowing with this and that.  Just select a small number of items, you can also use a small decorative tray with a couple of accessories and even a coffee table book.  Creating the ideal space to relax will give buyers the urge to sit down and make themselves at home.

6.            A touch of designer

Bathrooms and bedrooms are naturally filled with lots of bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes containing toiletries and make-up.  These items can quickly make any room feel cluttered and can distract potential buyers.  You want these spaces to feel luxurious, and this can easily be achieved by removing the masses and just leaving a small number of designer or visually beautiful items on display.

7.            A touch of natural scent

Artificial scents are a really personal thing, but some can be extremely over-powering and can make buyers want to leave a room as quickly as possible.  We all know that artificial scents have their place, and you know which aromas you prefer in your home.  But for viewings, don’t use plug-in scents, lean towards more natural fragrances, such as the flowers we suggested above. Remember, one of the best cleansers of a room is simple fresh air.

8.            A touch of tactile

Textures are incredibly alluring; how many times have you seen something that looked so soft you couldn’t stop yourself touching it?  We’ve all been there!  We know that touching is not allowed on viewings right now, but using luxurious textures such as statement cushions or a throw can enrich any space.   

9.            A touch of fluff 

Back to bathrooms for our next finishing touch, and this time we’re talking towels. Who wants to see your everyday towels on display?  They don’t necessary give off the ‘relaxing haven’ vibe you’re trying to create, so why not invest in ‘viewing towels’ that come out only when a viewing is taking place.  These extremely fluffy little additions will add a spa-like feel, and if your bathroom wins buyers’ hearts, your home may not be far behind.

10.          Light

Everyone wants to walk into a room that feels light and airy, which is why you need to make as much use as possible of your home’s natural light.  Make sure that all your curtains and blinds are open wide so you can let that lovely natural light flood into each of your rooms.  In addition to natural light, make use to your lamps; these add warmth and can make darker spaces feel more cosy and homely.


If you’re thinking of selling your home in Shropshire, call our team at Samuel Wood today on 01743 272710 or 01584 875207, as we have more buyers looking for their next home every day.

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