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Four smells that virtual tours.

Scent is the powerhouse of our senses. Strongly tied with our emotions, it can evoke memories and also leave an impression when it comes to buying a property.  Some scents are comforting, whereas others can be unnerving as they could be a sign of an issue with the house you’re viewing – maybe a costly one – which often means the viewing is over before it has started.  At the moment, Covid-19 has meant a change in how viewings are conducted in Shropshire. Government guidance requires any interested buyers to view a home virtually first, and only if they have a strong desire to take their interest further are they allowed to physically view; this is to minimise the risk for everyone involved and keep viewings to a minimum.

Virtual viewings are proving extremely successful and allow potential buyers to view a property as though they were there.  They can get a sense of proportions, see how one room flows into another, and what the view is like out of that picture window.  But one thing that a virtual tour can hide is how your property smells.  We are by no means suggesting that your home is not spotlessly clean, but some scents have a knack of hanging around, and if they stay for a physical viewing you may find your buyers looking for the exit.

1. Pets

We all love our pets, but they do have a habit of adding a touch of their own aroma to our homes.  Although a good clean will remove most of this, it’s on carpets and fabrics where their scent can linger.  Do what you can to give your carpets, curtains, sofa and other upholstery a deep clean – see if you can rent an industrial carpet cleaner from your local supermarket, as this will do a far better job than a home spray.  Hide their beds away for a viewing – this will not only make your home tidier it will also reduce any little hints of aromas wafting in.

People with pets will be more understanding about a scent or two, but it can be a real turn off for non-pet owners, who may leave believing that they’ll need to replace the carpets throughout.  This perceived additional cost could cause them to have second thoughts, which we don’t want to happen when they’ve made the effort to apply for a physical viewing.

2. Cigarettes

Tobacco is one of those strong odours that can seep into any porous surface like carpets, walls, rugs, curtains and, of course, ceilings.  As cigarette smoke tends to rise, ceilings are the biggest contributor to this particular scent lingering in your home.  Not only that, as you’ll know, if you smoke indoors, tobacco can stain paint work, wallpaper and panelling, so if you notice any kind of staining it’s essential that you do a spot of decorating before you place your home on the market.  This will also help reduce any cigarette smells as well as making your home feel clean and fresh, ready for potential buyers.  Again, it’s worth investing in buying or renting a carpet cleaner, as a professional may not be able to visit your home at this time. 

3. Damp

Three odours that leave a seriously negative impression in the minds of buyers are mildew, mould and musty smells.  It doesn’t matter how immaculate and impressive your home is, a hint of one of these and buyers will wonder what wealth of problems are hiding under your exquisite décor.  The truth is, it could be something minor that can be easily resolved; if this is the case, get it done, especially if you want to receive some extremely attractive offers.

4. About last night…

What are you cooking the evening before a physical viewing on your property?  Now this may sound a very strange question, but although the dishes you serve might be out of this world, the residual odour may not be so appealing the next day.  Potential buyers only have a very short amount of time to view your property in the current situation, that’s just minutes for them to decide if your property is their dream home.  The last thing you want is for them to be distracted by a strong scent, so much so that they don’t take in what your home has to offer.

Can you handle the truth?

When selling your home it can be hard to hear of any flaws in your property, especially that it has a particular aroma.  But it’s essential that you are objective; you want to sell your property for the highest possible price and therefore you need to do everything you can to sway those buyers who come to physically view your property after a virtual tour. 

If you wish to place your home on the market, contact our Samuel Wood team, and the next tour you could be doing is when you move into your new home.

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