Home staging secrets

5 home staging secrets to give your  home a touch of glamour

Our local towns have a wealth of architectural styles, it’s one of the things that attracts buyers to view your home.   This, together with your home’s interior, creates a perception of what it must be like to live in your property.  Home staging is a necessity for all property markets and discerning buyers can be swayed by elegance, space and quality.  The dream home , no matter the property value, has to be packaged to perfection and every detail pampered.  A well-staged home has the potential to attract buyers, which is why at Samuel Wood we have put together five home-staging secrets to give your home a touch of glamour.

1. Interior designed 

You don’t want buyers to believe that your home has been styled by a professional interior designer, but it is worth trying to create the perception of a luxurious lifestyle.  Professionally styled rooms tend to have furniture that is complementary but not matching.  Think of your home as a whole design and not as single rooms.  You want your design to flow from one room to another and not feel disjointed, which can be achieved by interweaving tones from a complementary palette.   

2. Tactile textiles 

Soft furnishings are the perfect way to enhance any room, even if the furniture is looking a little tired.  Add a selection of rich fabrics such as velvets, faux furs and wools, together with metallic shades and silks.  All beds should be exquisitely dressed with high-quality linens such as Egyptian cotton – a plain white set is the easiest way to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom.  Only matching luxurious cotton towels should be displayed in your bathroom, you could even keep them to one side to be taken out only when a viewing is taking place. 

3.  Accents through accessories

Through home staging you are portraying a lifestyle that potential buyers can see themselves enjoying, so it’s important to restrict the personal photographs on display.  You don’t have to remove all of them, but keep to a handpicked selection that work together in a cohesive way.  Coffee tables should be styled with two or three coffee table books and a small selection of interesting accessory pieces.  Take inspiration from show homes or images from high-end properties to make your coffee table look effortlessly styled. One of the easiest ways to add some sophistication to your home is to add vases of fresh flowers to key rooms.

4.  Accentuate the exterior 

Whilst we have been on lockdown, like many you may have undertaken upgrades to your home, and perhaps your outside space.  When preparing for a viewing luxury properties will accentuate every detail, such as having their hot tub and outside lighting on.  A bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses may be casually laid out to complete the look.  You don’t need these items to make your outside spaces as tempting, but you can add little details such as a couple of glasses and a bottle to add a touch of opulence to your garden and ensure that it is beautifully maintained.

5. Natural beauty 

Every home has its own natural beauty, whether it’s a period or contemporary property, such as original features, sleek design and unique spaces.  Don’t try and overcompensate for a small, dark or quirky room. Just go with the space, don’t fight it.  Lighting can really play a part in transforming the feel of a room, but leave your lighting design until your design is completed as the room will tell you where lamps should be placed and angled.  Play with the position and scale of lighting to create an atmosphere that is warm, alluring and welcoming. 

Home staging is a powerful tool for getting your home sold; if you’re looking to sell your property in Shropshire call our team today.

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