6 New Year’s Resolutions Your Shropshire Home Will Love

The bells chimed at midnight signifying the end of one year and the start of a new one, and as we start to take steps into 2020 and making goals for ourselves, how about making some for your home? Our homes are always a work in progress; even when we have reached perfection, a couple of years down the line we find something new we want to do. That’s the beauty of owning your own home, you can express your personality through décor and create something you’re proud of. Start 2020 with these 10 New Year’s resolutions and you may find yourself falling in love with your home even more.

1. Keep you safe
With so much happening over the festive season, it’s no wonder a few duties have slipped our minds. Now we are settling back into some normality it’s time to get those jobs done, such as checking the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. While you’re at it, make a note in your calendar when your boiler should be serviced, as well as your burglar alarm – now your home will be safe and warm this year.

2. Think of the environment
The devastating fires that are terrorising Australia have touched all our hearts, and it’s another reminder that we have to look after the environment we live in. Therefore, this year, why not be more environmentally mindful? It could be as simple as being more conscious when it comes to recycling, to making changes so your home is more energy efficient.

3. Does it spark joy?
A new year also symbolises a new beginning, so why not make a fresh start in your home by giving it a good sort out. With all those new gifts that you need to find room for, you may have cupboards and an attic bursting at the seams. Many of us keep things that we no longer use or need, whether it’s an item of clothing that hasn’t fit for many a year, or a drawer full of ‘things’– you have no idea what it contains. As organising guru Marie Kondo advocates, if the item doesn’t spark joy then do you really need it in your home?

4. Spick and span
An organised home is such a welcome sight, but for a real treat your Shropshire home and have your home singing from the rafters how about giving it a spring clean too. From kitchen cupboards, to your fridge, bedrooms and living spaces, the end result will give you a welcoming home that is quite simply a breath of fresh air.

5. Make some plans
How bare does your home look now all the decorations have been taken down? It’s like seeing a completely different space, and, as such you can often see it in a new light. You may decide to decorate a room or two, upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, or even wish to look for somewhere new. Whatever you decide, start to make some plans so that your aspirations are realised – you don’t want to come to the end of the year thinking, ‘what if?’

6. Get a head start
Although we’re still in winter there is one part of your home that is begging for some tender loving care. Unless you’re a gardener, we often leave our gardens to fend for themselves over the colder months then spring into action as the flowers begin to bloom. But why wait? There is plenty you can do now to give yourself a head start, so when the weather improves you can simply enjoy the haven you’ve created.
What are your goals?

Regardless of your home goals for 2020, we can offer you advice on the best way to add value to your home in Shropshire. Whatever your resolutions for you and your home, if we can help then please give our team at Samuel Wood a call.

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