What features do buyers want in your home?

Selling your home can be a minefield. You have loved your home but it’s time to move on – does your home have the features buyers are looking for? Buyers’ wants and needs change over the years, so to find out what’s on the wish list of those looking to move in Shropshire and borders, insurance company GoCompare have given us a helping hand. Their home essentials survey reveals what features buyers want in your home.

Keeping safe and warm
The must-have features, claiming the top two spots, are central heating and double-glazing. A home is a place that keeps us safe and warm, so a cold and draughty house is certainly not going to appeal. Considered essential for those surveyed, 78% of buyers stated that central heating was a must in their new home and 76% wanted double-glazing. Safety is also a priority in a new home and, taking third place, is the need for secure windows and doors.

Outside space
Having your own garden is still high on the agenda for home buyers, with over 70% stating that it was a must-have for their dream home. Having the ability to get close to nature and spend time in the outdoors is great for your wellbeing. Whether you’re a novice gardener, a master at the BBQ or have a desire to grow your own, a garden gives you an extra ‘room’ in your home to enjoy.

Next, and high on buyers’ features wish list is a desire for strong connectivity with a good, reliable broadband signal taking spot number five, with a strong mobile phone signal just behind. It’s no wonder, with the growth of technology and the increasing number of people having the flexibility to work from home on occasion. Technology has become embedded in our homes too, with even our washing machines being able to link up to an app on your mobile.

Supporting local
At number seven is the need for local shops and amenities. Being part of a welcoming community and a good neighbourhood is something we know buyers want. There has been a shift in recent years, with people wishing to support local businesses, and we find those areas with a selection of independent boutiques are certainly more in demand.

Having a home that is efficient and kind to the environment is something most of us are concerned about, which is why we’re not shocked that a good energy rating is at number eight. If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, it may be worth getting an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This will tell you how efficient your property is right now, and what you can do to make it better. If you would like more information on EPCs, just call our team on 01584 875207.

With advances in technology, our homes are filled with gadgets, from TVs, mobiles, iPads, to computers, even Alexa needs a bit of power. Due to this, buyers are wanting to ensure there are enough plug sockets for all their techno needs, bringing this want in at number nine.

Good neighbours
A house is just a house until you fill it with your belongings and the people you love, but those that live around you can also help turn it into a home. Having good neighbours is a blessing, and not something buyers are willing to overlook when looking for their next home. Which is why this came in at number 10 on the list.

What surprised us most of all about the list were those features that had dropped down in a few places in buyers’ wish lists from last year. Only 9% of those questioned stated that they wanted a home with period features, but we know for many buyers in Shropshire this is still something they are passionate about.
“In addition to location, there are many different features that influence someone’s decision to buy a particular property. For most people, warmth, energy efficiency and security are of utmost importance. Properties in a good neighbourhood with access to local shops and other amenities are also sought after,” said Ryan Fulthorpe, from GoCompare Home Insurance.
At Samuel Wood we work closely with buyers across the area, giving us detailed insight into the local market. If you would like to know what you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers and possibly add value go to the "contact us" page to arrange your free market appraisal.

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