The Sightseeing Tips You Need When Searching For A Home In Shropshire

The sightseeing tips you need when searching for a home in Shropshire

When planning a big trip to an as yet unfamiliar destination it’s normal to do a great amount of research to get your bearings and also to make note of the places not to be missed on your travels. Yet why is it that when we go to view a property for the first time, we rarely undertake research with the same amount of rigour? And this is somewhere you’re planning to stay for years, not days or weeks. That’s why it’s always good to utilise some of those fantastic sightseeing tips when viewing a home.

The area

There is more to buying a home than the property itself; you are also buying into a street, a neighbourhood, and a wider community. The location can play a huge part in determining not only the value of your home but also how you settle in once you move. What do you know about the area? Even if it’s somewhere in Shropshire you’re familiar with, how long is it since you walked around the streets, or visited the local shops?

Just as you would do when on holiday, spend some time reinvestigating the area, sampling the local coffee shop and maybe even having dinner out. If the location feels like home, you know that you’ve found a place where you can be happy – all you need is for the property to win your heart too.

Getting about

From buses to trains, from roads to cycle paths, when travelling we’re always quick to check local routes. Don’t assume you know that the location meets your commuting needs without checking; timetables can change, and knowing and experiencing are two different things. If the property is high on your list, it may be worth trying your commute out to see if it works on a daily basis.

Must see

When visiting a new city or town you probably make a list of the must-see places you hope to visit. If you want to make the most of your new community, why not investigate the ‘must see’ places close by? We often don’t take advantage of what‘s available on our doorstep and thus miss out on many exciting things. By seeing the area through sightseeing eyes, you will discover a whole host of adventures that you may not have known existed before.

Food and drink

Often, one of the hardest things to find when travelling is the best places to eat and drink. You may be wondering what bearing this has on buying a home. Are you someone who likes to shop locally and support local businesses? If so, does the area provide you with what you need? The amenities in an area play a big part in how you live in your new home, so it’s important to bear this in mind when you’re on a viewing.

It’s a feeling

When sightseeing there will be places that amaze us and those that disappoint a little; it may not always be obvious why, and could simply be down to a feeling. How an area makes you feel is just as important as those butterflies that creep up on you on a viewing. You want to be living somewhere where you feel safe, a place that enhances your life and brings a smile as you get closer to home. You may not be able to say why, but if it feels right, you know you’re home.

As the expert

A tour guide can always provide you with those gems of knowledge that only the locals are privy to. At Samuel Wood, we can be your tour guide, providing you with insider knowledge and insight to help you make the right decision for you and your family. Who knows, you may discover a new area or two along the way.

Take the tourist’s approach to viewings and you will gain a greater understanding of a property than the bricks and mortar. Let us help you with your property search, call our sales team today.

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