How Nature Can Attract More Buyers to Your Home

How nature can attract more buyers to your home

A home is more than a structure, it’s also a feeling. No matter what kind of day you’ve experienced, your house is your own personal sanctuary away from the chaos. One way to enhance your abode to also improve your health and wellbeing is to bring elements of the outside in. Nature is not only good for you, it can also help attract more buyers to your home.

According to the University of Exeter Medical School, spending as little as two hours a day, even spread across little moments, can boost your mood. You can inspire calm simply by having a morning coffee in the garden or taking your lunch break outdoors. Properties that embrace nature are more appealing, which is why they attract more buyers; also, the calming feeling buyers encounter when they step inside for a viewing helps them to see your property as their home.

Better air

There has been a massive resurgence in our desire to bring plants into our homes, and why not? They improve the air quality and can even help to increase productivity. Plants add life to a property as well as some luscious colours to complement and fill spaces, soften lines and add to the presentation of the room.

Wild and fruitful

Shrewsbury is known as the Town of Flowers, and so when it comes to planting, we should always be on top of our game. The use of wildflowers in personal and commercial gardens helps protect many of our native species, especially our bee population. There is something romantic and alluring about wildflowers and they make a wonderful display outside or inside your home.

Sensory experience

One of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home is through a herb garden. Herbs, with their rich aromas will also add a natural scent to your home. Natural smells are less intrusive than artificial ones and therefore give your buyers a sensory viewing experience without being overpowering. Some people are really put off by strong smells, and you don’t want them racing through your property because of the aroma of your home.

Always appealing

No matter the size of your outside space, you should make sure it’s always looking its best. Window boxes and hanging baskets are a way of adding a touch of nature should you be lacking in outside space. Make sure your gardens are clean, tidy and blooming with life, creating spaces that your buyers can see themselves enjoying over the summer months.

Small and appealing

In tiny spaces it may seem difficult to find ways of bringing nature inside. Succulents and little terrariums are a stylish way to bring the outside in, as well as improving your home’s environment. What’s more, they’re low maintenance too.

Allow nature to increase your property’s appeal and help improve your buyers’ well-being as they explore what could be their new home. If you would like to find out more ways to attract potential buyers, contact our sales team today.

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