Three reasons you’re turning into a housezilla

Forget bridezillas, when buying a home you can, without knowing, turn into a buyer from hell. It’s often said that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do, so it’s understandable that your emotions might be heightened. You want to find the perfect home. We want you to have a happy house hunting experience. Let’s see if, together, we can put that ‘zilla’ away for good.

1. Not everything is forever

When house-hunting, many people seek that ‘forever home’ and we agree that you should consider your future needs when looking for a property, as well as what you need today. In just ten, five, or even two years’ time your life could change in ways you hadn’t foreseen. A new job could mean you moving to a new location, you could start a new relationship, your family could have grown, or you may have fallen out of love with the home you currently own.

But if you start looking for a property with forever in mind, you can be hindering your search. Frustration can easily kick in because you may not be able to afford the property you want, and have to compromise on location. If we had a crystal ball we’d love to tell you what the future holds and which property will continue to meet your needs for years to come.

Be realistic, if you can’t find a recently sold property in your budget within your preferred location, it could mean that it doesn’t exist. Being clear on your budget, one given to you by a mortgage advisor, is a great place to start.

2. Keeping up with the Joneses

Are you a buyer who believes the grass is greener? Do you compare each property you view with one you fell in love with and lost? Or are you envious of a friend’s home and have set your heart on finding something similar?

You may be determined to find an exact style and layout of property, but by doing so you’re not focusing on what actually matters – is this home you’re viewing right for you?

Just because you love your friend’s home doesn’t mean it would be perfect for you. We’re all different, to make sure you don’t experience buyer’s regret, look for a home that matches YOUR personality and lifestyle.

3. Needs to be perfect

Have you been dreaming of your next home for a long time, flicking through homes and interior magazines for ideas and trawling the internet to find it? You probably will have put together a list of must-have criteria, but are you hindering your search by seeking ‘perfection’? Restricting your search to the limits of your expectations could mean missing out on a house that’s ideal for you.

A home is always a work in progress; we all want to make our mark, whether through décor or renovation and extension. Being blinkered means you may miss out on an existing opportunity.

You will know when you find the house to make your home, if you give yourself the freedom to do so. Keep your eyes open to all possibilities and you will be surprised by what you find.

Ask the experts

One way to avoid becoming a housezilla is to trust the experts. Staying open-minded and viewing property that, on paper, may not be what you are seeking, could open the door to the most incredible property that immediately tells you: you’re home.

Don’t search for your next home alone, come and chat to our team and let us do the hard work, so you can simply enjoy the process.


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