Is your home ready to spring onto the market?

Daffodils are in bloom, the leaves are starting to bud on the trees, and that random hot weather spell has made us believe spring is already upon us. If you’re thinking of selling your home, is it ready for sale? How do you ensure that it will appeal to buyers? Let us show you how to get your home ready to spring onto the market.

Awakening from home to house

Selling a home is not just a decision and a series of steps but also a change in mindset. Yes, it has been the place that has kept you safe, the location of countless memories, and the space that gives you comfort at the end of a busy day. But your decision to move means it must now become a property for sale.

“Sometimes the improvements and changes you have made might make the property less attractive to buyers,” warns Mark Bentley, President of NAEA Propertymark. We all have our own tastes, whether you’re a lover of bold colours or vintage pieces, whether you have mad collections, or a house filled with family photos, you have made changes and improvements that suit you and your family to make it your home.

But now it’s time to say goodbye and move, so your home needs to become a house for sale.

Blossoming start
You will have collected, adopted and perhaps even been left with an abundance of ‘stuff’ over the years. Your loft may be overflowing, your garage bursting at the seams and you’ve got a cupboard everyone is banned from opening just in case it all falls out. Yes, decluttering is a mammoth task, but ask yourself, do you really want to pack and take everything you own now to your new home?

Take one room and one type of item, such as books, or even just a drawer at a time. This way it’s not so daunting and you can even start to pack a few things ready for your move in the process.

Decluttering done, it’s time for that deep clean. Before you start to clean every inch of your house, just remember that buyers are nosy. Yes, they will be looking in the fridge and opening doors seeking the dishwasher. You want them to be met with sparkling appliances and rooms that show how much you care for your home.

Refresh and prepare

Every buyer wants to imagine themselves making your house their home. Therefore, you need to give them a blank canvas to allow their imagination to run wild. Before you rush out and blitz your home with magnolia there are many other neutral shades, such as whites, blues, and the very popular greys.

If you’ve undertaken some DIY jobs yourself, you need to be honest about the finished result. You may give yourself five stars for effort, but should it not be finished to a high standard it could turn off buyers. Not only that, if work is not completed to a professional standard this could even down-value your home.

Spring into action

At Samuel Wood we want you to achieve the highest possible price for your property. If you would like more advice on how to get your home ready for sale,  then click here to contact our team 


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