An Introduction for Landlords


This booklet provides a general introduction to our Residential Letting & Property Management Service and, as such, cannot provide full details of all that is involved in this complex field.

You may be about to work abroad, or in another part of the UK for some time. In your absence you will need a Property Letting and Management Service of high calibre. Alternatively, you may already be managing property yourself. If so, you will recognise the time and effort you have to spend. 

With Samuel Wood & Company you are assured of a professional service. We pride ourselves on offering a professional but personal service in the letting and management of your property. 

Free Assessment

We will be happy to inspect your property and discuss your requirements, giving helpful advice about letting, rental levels, the Housing Acts, etc and discuss a realistic rent for the property. If you do not wish to proceed further there will be no charge and no obligation.

Finding the Tenant

We do comprehensive references and credit checks before accepting any tenant and will only proceed with a tenancy once your instructions have been received. We will always respect your wishes concerning pets, smoking and children, etc, as appropriate.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

With effect from 1 October 2008, it is Statutory Law that, prior to the marketing of any residential property to let, an Energy performance Certificate must be available to a prospective purchaser, upon request. We can provide you with assistance in commissioning an Energy Performance Certificate, if you require.

Deposits and Inventories

Tenants make a deposit equivalent to one and a half month's rent, which we will hold, if we are instructed to manage your property, until the end of the tenancy. This provides appropriate cover for the cost of any dilapidations or rent arrears, etc. Tenants have a responsibility to maintain your property in good order. We will prepare a comprehensive inventory of the fixtures and fittings and a general schedule of decorations before the commencement of the tenancy. This schedule is then signed by the tenants and landlord/agent and serves as an agreement of the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy. If we act as Managing Agents, we hold the deposit in a Registered Tenant Deposit Scheme in accordance with Statutory Law. If you wish us to act as you Letting Agent only, the deposit would be forwarded to you for you to register with the Tenant Deposit Scheme and we will be able to provide you with the relevant contact details.


If the property is supplied by non-mains supply, it is advisable to commission an annual water test report (Legionella Risk Assessment).  If you require assistance in obtaining such a report, we would be pleased to advise you regarding suitable contractors.

Office of Fair Trading

Is there anything about your property which a prospective tenant should know before viewing or entering into a contract to rent?  (ie history of flooding, subsidence, structural defects, boundary disputes, Restrictive Covenants, Agricultural Restrictions, Planning Restrictions etc).  If so, in order to comply with current guidelines, it is very important that you please supply us with any relevant details.

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Lettings Dept. Hi David, Following on from your wonderful help arranging a property for my brother, I have been singing the praises of Samuel Wood's. Many thanks and kind regards.
Mr V D