Date: 4/10/2013



If I write my blog, does that classify me as a journalist??

I have great respect for people who write clearly and concisely which is something, sadly, I struggle with.  However, I do take exception to articles that appear almost on a daily basis which tell us that the housing market is in a bubble that is about to burst!

Yes, the market is certainly better than it has been for some years.  However, I do not see the large increase in prices that are being trotted out by most journalists.  I am sure that there are parts of London with double digit inflation in house prices but how much of this is being fuelled by wealthy foreign investors looking for a safe home for their money.

It does worry me that the wrong signals are being spread about indicating that house prices have rocketed.  We have certainly seen an upturn in the market with some strong sales but, as yet, no major increase in prices.

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Anthony Wood

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