Date: 22/03/2013


With spring approaching, Samuel Wood & Company, which has an active marketing office in London, takes a look at how the property market is shaping up as we approach what is traditionally the busiest time of the property year

The nation still looks to London for its lead in so many areas of our lives. And property is certainly one of them. What happens in London influences what might happen in the rest of the country - given time. It is the ripple effect.

However, over the past year it has become clear that it is not central London but Greater London and the Home Counties which are leading the way.  It is the comfortable, leafy and commuter-friendly towns that are perhaps seeing the firmest signs of an English spring fever in property.

Will this ripple to other areas of the country in the short to medium term? There are certainly signs of fresh activity in most counties. As London dusts itself down from the banking crisis - helped by some improvement in the Euro Zone and US financial systems - then, for the foreseeable future at least, the London ripples should widen their range and increasingly lap at other areas of the country.


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