Date: 1/12/2012


With Christmas fast approaching let’s take a look at how the property market is shaping up as we approach the holiday season.

What is a property really worth? Nowadays a fun thing to do is to look up the value of the property in which you are interested on one of the many internet property portals. You may be delighted at the stated low value - until you look up the value of your own property. It is then that you discover what a complete farce it all is.

Value is influenced by recent local sales, details of which can be stored on a database. But value is also determined by appearance, proportion, condition, orientation and running costs.  Then there are the neighbours, the nearness to local schools, shops and public transport, the view, the garden size, the state of the market and the desire of the buyer. These issues cannot be quantified by data that can be stored on a database.
Sentimentally put, it is one’s heart that knows the value of a property. And commercially put, it is an experienced estate agent who is best placed to advise.

Estate agency is one of those areas where, for relatively little extra cost, there is a greater likelihood of a much larger return, not to mention valuable reassurance during a difficult time. And remember that estate agents don’t get paid at all unless their clients agree with the results! Sometimes economies can be false - few more damaging than in property.

So there you have it. Try and cut corners and your move will rarely be anything other than a headache. Don’t cut corners and your move may still be a headache but you could end up with more money in the bank or a better roof over your head. It’s your vote.

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