Date: 2/08/2012


Hopefully, we have seen the worst of the awful summer weather we have been experiencing and we can now look forward to a hot and dry spell.  However, it won’t be long before we get another downpour and the risk of flooding returns.

Home owners that may be affected should be aware that from June next year the current arrangement that a property that has suffered from flood damage and would be covered will change.  Sadly this arrangement is to end from next year resulting in that home owners in high risk areas will find the premiums or excess increase or will have conditions imposed on cover.

Those at greatest risk may find that they are not able to get cover at any cost and where flood insurance is not available the owners may find themselves in breech of their mortgage.

The Government and The Association of British Insurers are still in discussion but time is running out, so lets pray for some compromise and no more floods!!

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