Date: 30/06/2012

Buying versus Renting

Following on from my theme last week regarding newspaper articles another report I noted was the cost of buying a house as against renting one.

This was for Barclays Bank and they reckon it costs nearly £200,000 more to rent for life than it does to become a home owner.  The report continues to say that if you add in capital appreciation to the figure then owners spend an average of £194,000 less than renters to occupy a typical home over 50 years.

The writer of the article makes the comment; “For those who still argue that renting is better than buying, what would you rather have after 25 years, the title deed to your home or a pile of rent receipts and 3 months notice to quit?”

Incidentally, did you also see that Bankers and Politicians have now slipped below Estate Agents and Car Salesmen in the popularity stakes – what is happening in the world!!


We have had some interesting new instructions over the past week all between the £200,000 and £250,000 mark.  Crossways House, Diddlebury is a detached 2 bedroomed home in the lovely Corvedale.  10 The Green, Clun is a 3 bedroomed cottage on the edge of the village and we have a very pretty 3 bedroomed Cottage coming on the market in Bucknell – more details available soon.

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