Date: 1/09/2011

Back to School

Back to School
It is often normal for house sales to quieten in August as everyone is on holiday and for renewed activity in September once children are back at school and prospective purchasers look to move into their new homes prior to Christmas.  The increased level of viewings booked since the Bank Holiday weekend may allude to that, we will see.

Private Water Supplies
Following the on/off legislation with registration of septic tanks a new blow is soon to descend upon rural homeowners who have a private water supply.   For anyone who has a supply which provides water to more than one property, under the Private Water Supply Regulations Act of 2009, your Local Authority will be contacting you to undertake a water test and environmental report on your supply.  The privilege for not having mains water will soon set you back between £200 to £500 every 5 years to make sure your supply complies with this new legislation. 

Winning Dog
Readers will be pleased to hear that matrimonial harmony has been restored in the Wood family household.  Recently, my wife had soundly beaten me in a gundog competition and, in revenge, I said that I would take up baking.  Well, I got a second prize at the local show with my Shropshire Apple Cake but, to trump that, won first prize with my dog in the events show.  She is belittling my win but I say, 'a win is a win', even if it was only in the waggiest tail competition.!!

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