Date: 31/08/2011


The other week my wife and I went to a nephew’s wedding in Kent, an excellent day it was too!  On the way we called in at the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace, which is a fantastic show.   I wasn’t sure that my wife was that keen to go but, judging on the number of bags she was carrying when she came out of the ‘shopping tent’, it couldn’t have been that bad!

We ventured on down to Kent and had the dubious pleasure of sitting for 3 hours on the world’s largest carpark also know as the M25.  Whilst admiring the back of a Ford Transit for the duration, it made me aware how fortunate I am to live in Shropshire, such a beautiful county and mostly untroubled by motorways.  We all want progress – but not sure if the M25 is!

Rental Market
We have quietly been handling rental properties for some 15 years and this side of the business has grown extensively over the years.  However, I was surprised last week that we did not have one single property To Let in South Shropshire.  The demand has out-stripped supply.  If there are any Landlords out there who would like to inquire about our services do contact us urgently.

Anthony Wood

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