Date: 4/07/2011

Amanda's Diary


I was at an excellent party the other evening and bumped into David and Amanda Gray.  I am sure many will remember the excellent niche Estate Agents they ran in Ludlow until they had the foresight to sell out!  

I mentioned to Amanda how much I enjoyed her snippets of marketing information she wrote on a weekly basis and I am sure it was her charm rather than the couple of pints of ‘Butty Bach’ that I had consumed.  However, I rather stupidly said I would endeavour to write a few words of what was happening in the local estate agency world similar to her blog of yesteryear.

Record Month
I know that the financial news day after day is depressing with ‘Bail Out’ here, ‘Lay Off’ there, Inflation, Deflation, Stagnation, etc, etc but a little bit of cheer is that at Samuel Wood & Company we notched up record sales for the month of June from our 4 offices in Shropshire.  I was so pleased that I sent a bottle of wine to all the staff and even paid them their wages!

I am not saying that we are ‘out of the woods’ but it was at least nice to have some positive news to relate and to bring a smile to the faces of our staff and, more importantly, the faces of the buyers and sellers for whom we have hopefully managed to put on the first step towards a new home.

Anthony Wood

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